Unique distribution

Unique distribution

“Unique distribution” is a distribution company founded in 2014 in Tashkent (Republic of Uzbekistan).

The company's mission focuses both: on building a developed and stable business structure that provides consumers with high-quality goods at an affordable price, and educating consumers along with supporting the younger generation.

The key principles of our business is to take care of:


  • Caring for employees. We strive to create a base for a stable and decent lifestyle for our employees and their families. It is a great pleasure to determine the potential of each team member, direct, set common goals and be inspired by the achievements.
  • Caring for consumers. We choose products of uncompromising quality that we trust. Our goal is to bring coziness and comfort to the life of every family throughout the Republic, facilitating the daily routine and creating conditions of a healthy life for the population since the very young age.
  • Caring for partners. We offer only financially reliable solutions that guarantee mutually beneficial cooperation. We value our name and value trust.
  • Caring for nature. We admire the nature of our native land and offer only environmentally friendly products made from safe biodegradable materials. Each product passes dozens of studies in their own research laboratories of manufacturers.

We value openness, good faith and pure mind. Given qualities allow our team to overcome obstacles and see the unlimited potential of any project, regardless of the circumstances.